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Tissue Box Template
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Tissues are very popular these days, but what happens when all your tissues are used up and you can’t find them anymore? What if you wanted to create your own tissue box template for a specific event or occasion? This article will show you how to make your own tissue box design and give tips on how to go about the other steps!

Tissue Box Template Introduction

If you’re like most people, you probably have a few tissue boxes sitting around your house that you never use. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to create your own tissue box template so that you can always have a fresh supply of tissues handy. To start, download and print the tissue box template below. Next, cut out the template pieces and assemble as follows:

  • Place one piece of the top front panel onto a flat surface. Match up the two curved edges on either side of the center hole. Trace around the edge with a pencil. Cut out the traced circle with a sharp knife.
  • On the same piece of paper, write down which side of the front panel will be facing up when assembled. Draw another concentric circle near the edge of this newly drawn side (see picture above). Cut out both circles with a sharp knife (or scissors).
  • Place one half of the second panel onto the top front panel and align the center hole with the drawn circle from step 2. Trace around the edge with a pencil then cut out a circle with a knife or scissors (see picture above). Repeat for another half of the second panel.
  • Solder or glue the first half of the third panel to the top left corner of the top front panel using Sta-Prest or a similar adhesive (see picture above). Repeat for another half of the third panel. Glue or solder the second half to the bottom right corner of the top front panel (see picture above).
Tissue Box Template

What You Will Need To Create Your Tissue Box Template

To create your own tissue box template, you will need:

  • A piece of paper large enough to print out the template on
  • Printer and paper
  • Scissors -Pens or a pencil
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Ruler or a straight edge
  • Paint or marker
  • Craft supplies like ribbon, faux fur, feathers, and stickers

How To Create The Tissue Box Template

If you’re like most people, you probably have some unused tissue boxes floating around your house. And if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to just toss them away because they’ve gotten a little bit dusty. You could recycle them, but that’s kind of a pain and it takes up space. Or you could just create your own tissue box template and use it every time you need one. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start by finding an old cardboard box that’s about the same size as the tissue box template you want to create.
  • Cut out a template from the cardboard box using a ruler and a jigsaw or sharp knife. Make sure the template is big enough so that it will cover the entire front of the tissue box and all four sides.
  • Once the template is cut out, trace around it with a pencil on both sides of the cardboard box. This will help ensure accurate measurements when cutting out the tissue box material later on.
  • Use scissors to cut out the template from the cardboard box using the traced lines as a guide. Be careful not to cut into any of the corners or edges of the template!
  • Now it’s time to fabricate your tissue box material! You can either buy premade tissue boxes or make your own using paper grocery bags and cardstock or craft foam sheets (see instructions below).
  • To make premade tissue boxes

Take A Look At Your Finished Product!

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create your own tissue box template, check out this simple tutorial from How To Create. The template requires just a few pieces of paper and a printer, so it’s perfect if you’re short on time or want to save some money! Once you’ve downloaded the template, print it out onto several sheets of paper. You’ll need one sheet for the front and back of the tissue box, as well as one sheet for the top and bottom.

To create the template, start by drawing a rectangle on each sheet of paper. The rectangle should be slightly smaller than the finished tissue box dimensions, and its width should be twice its height. Make sure to draw your rectangle in a straight line

doesn’t worry about accuracy at this stage. Next, add strips of paper along each side of your rectangle these will form the walls of your tissue box. The strips should be long enough to go all the way around without overlapping, but shorter than the length of the actual tissue box itself (which is why they’re drawn on two separate sheets).

Finally, add details such as door handles and windows to your tissue box template. You can also use this opportunity to experiment with different font styles and colors it’s up to you! Once you’re happy with your final product, print it out and fold it into shape – you’re ready to start creating your very own tissue box!

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